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Kernel bugs: out of control?

Kernel bugs: out of control?

Posted May 16, 2006 17:49 UTC (Tue) by oak (guest, #2786)
In reply to: Kernel bugs: out of control? by malor
Parent article: Kernel bugs: out of control?

> And 2.6.0 through 2.6.8 or so worked great on that same board....
> so I really shouldn't have HAD to file bug reports. I was, after all,
> tracking a 'stable' kernel. Stuff that worked in 2.6.0 should work
> in 2.6.16.

You cannot really expect that unless you know that there's
a regularly executed test setup:
- with the same HW as yours
- with the similar software and same kind of load as yours

For example fixing a bug (for a setup developer has) might make
(e.g. an already existing) bug somewhere else in the code happen
more likely in your setup.

Only testing and error detection inside & outside kernel can
help in catching those. The testing has to be automated,
it should not produce (too many) false positives, and it has
to pinpoint fairly well where the problem happens so that
the bugs can be fixed. Otherwise only alternative developer
has is to resolve the bugs as WORKSFORME.

It would be nice if kernel developers would provide an automated
test-set for people who "live on the bleeding edge" which they could
run on their test setups before deploying the kernel on production
machine. If the test-set outputs an error, you could just forward
it to and the automatically produced bug report would
have all the relevant info; your kernel config, HW info, OOPS etc...

If the automated test-set would go through, then you could do your
own tests on the kernel before putting it into real use. And if
those fail, you could propose tests to be added to the automated
test-set so that those kind of problems are caught earlier.

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