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Kernel bugs: out of control?

Kernel bugs: out of control?

Posted May 13, 2006 6:05 UTC (Sat) by error27 (subscriber, #8346)
Parent article: Kernel bugs: out of control?

I think that the 2.6.x releases aren't viewed as "major". The 2.6.0 release was major and people spent tons of time in tracking down bugs.

Back then the bug tracking wasn't in place so people had to hand compile lists of bugs and it was pretty hit or miss. These days people have bugzillas. The is pretty worthless, but Fedora's is pretty decent. Suse's bugzilla is still revving up but that will be useful too.

I've got 3 main issues with 2.6.16. For aacraid, there is new debug code in Fedora and -mm that calls BUG(). With mptscsi there was a massive rewrite and now it doesn't work with my nStor. Sky2 is another complete rewrite that doesn't work on my hardware. The sk98lin driver that sky2 is replacing wasn't that great. The code was rough, the Makefile were astonishingly bad and it had issues with bonding. The sky2 developer is active so I'm happy about the progress being made.

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