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The AppArmor debate begins

The AppArmor debate begins

Posted Apr 27, 2006 13:10 UTC (Thu) by jamesm (guest, #2273)
In reply to: The AppArmor debate begins by nix
Parent article: The AppArmor debate begins

The exact same criticism cannot be made, as this is not the primary way that policy is developed under SELinux (it comes with the apps). You can use audit2allow, but I would not recommend it as anything but an adjunct to designing policy and then only if you understand what it's doing. (I know that it's mentioned in a lot of the online documentation -- possibly without enough caveats). I was discussing something similar to a learning mode for SELinux with another developer last year at OLS, and it can definitely be done, say, with per-process permissive mode. I don't think it's the right approach alone, but could be useful when used by a trained policy developer with some other features such as static analysis of the source code, peeking inside RPMs etc. There are tools now being developed for SELinux which operate at a higher level, with a wizard-like interface which allows security goals to be defined by the user, from which a security policy is generated.

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