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Virtual time

Virtual time

Posted Apr 22, 2006 5:22 UTC (Sat) by skybrian (subscriber, #365)
Parent article: Virtual time

There's actually a good reason for "messing deeply with their idea of time": testing applications that use timeouts and schedulers. For example, suppose you want to see what happens after a month's worth of nightly batch processes have happened. It's useful to be able to speed up time so it doesn't actually take a month to run the test.

There are many ways to do this, but running software in fast-forward would be a useful tool in the application developer's toolkit.

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Virtual time

Posted Apr 25, 2006 2:14 UTC (Tue) by pm101 (guest, #3011) [Link]

From the other side of the equation, I would like to use this for avoiding timeouts. Quite a few applications time out after some time. I've even had free software applications tell me "You're running a version of XXXX, please upgrade." I've also had restricted materials time-out (in one case, a class distributed an educational application that stopped working when the semester ended). Bypassing these seems like a good and noble endeavor.

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