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The new pselect() system call

The new pselect() system call

Posted Apr 7, 2006 13:39 UTC (Fri) by lgb (guest, #784)
In reply to: The new pselect() system call by smoogen
Parent article: The new pselect() system call

I've met with this problem when I wrote my little server capable of serving incoming requests with spawning special programs with fork() and than exec(). The "main" process is to handle accept(), and initialize communication between my server and the clients connecting, and when enough data is ready sent by client, I should start an external program and manage the data flow between it and my server. Of course I should keep track processes I've forked so SIGCHLD is needed. And I don't want to create new process for each incoming connection neither threads (I want my software run on both of Solaris and Linux, and I've learned that forking from multithtread application is not a very fast and portable way to do things), so I've decided to use nonblocking I/O and select(), also because of the need of taking care about my childs, signal handling is a must for me.

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