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Solaris Express - A review

Solaris Express - A review

Posted Mar 2, 2006 15:05 UTC (Thu) by smoogen (subscriber, #97)
Parent article: Solaris Express - A review

Thanks for the article.

The first sentance is a bit confusing. SunOS <5.0 draws its roots from various BSD versions. SunOS >= 5.0 draws its roots from SySV. The huge system administration and programming differences in SunOS 4.1.2 and SunOS-5.0 (Solaris 2.0) and Solaris-2.0 instability caused Sun to keep updating the SunOS line to run on the various Sparc 4M chips that had been listed as Solaris only. [Too many SunOS 4.x sites could not jump over to SunOS 5.{0,1,2} because programs had to be rewritten and even system adminining was "different"].

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