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Parallel universes: open access and open source

Parallel universes: open access and open source

Posted Feb 23, 2006 19:44 UTC (Thu) by thoffman (subscriber, #3063)
In reply to: Parallel universes: open access and open source by ekj
Parent article: Parallel universes: open access and open source

Seconded! This is great stuff, expanding the horizons of those of us who have been familiar with Free software for a long time, and appreciate knowing about closely-related trends.

Makes me wonder what else is out there beyond the obvious (Wikipedia...)

For instance, I'm aware of the Creative Commons effort but don't really know much about it, other than "kind of like free software, but free content/media". A similar introductory article on that would be nice to get me up to speed.

There should be, and may already be many similar groups, all turning on the friction-free axis of communication the Internet provides to produce collabarative work. Photography, video, movies, recorded music, sheet music, sound samples, fiction of all genres, curriculum & teaching materials from elementary up to post-graduate? Architecture and building plans?

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Creative Commons sources

Posted Feb 27, 2006 17:21 UTC (Mon) by Kluge (subscriber, #2881) [Link]

MIT and Rice, at least, are opening up a lot of their course material to the public (for a good article on this subject, see And some authors (Ben Crowell for instance, see are producing Free textbooks.

And for many images, as well as some sound and video, there's the Wikimedia Commons (


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