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What's New in SUSE Linux 10.1

What's New in SUSE Linux 10.1

Posted Feb 6, 2006 0:03 UTC (Mon) by sbergman27 (guest, #10767)
In reply to: What's New in SUSE Linux 10.1 by alspnost
Parent article: What's New in SUSE Linux 10.1

If you don't like it, don't use it. ;-) Seriously. I've recently moved from Fedora to Centos and love it. (Centos is a recompiled, community supported version of... well, I'm not allowed to say it in public.) Linux has progressed to the point that we don't have to be beta testers to have all the features we want. My preference is for a RedHat like distro. Since you have been happy with Suse, perhaps you owe it to yourself to try out one of Novell's more conservative offerings? Just a thought.

Anyway, I don't miss the bleeding edge packages at all. And when hardware goes flakey, I *know* that it is my hardware going flakey. Fedora was actually stable enough for me, for the most part. But when something goes wrong, there's always that nagging doubt.

And BTW, it is especially important (to RH) for Fedora to use the lastest versions of the most important packages like the C compiler and kernel. Fedora is RedHat's distro and they really want it to stay that way, to best benefit their RHEL product line. They know that's bad PR, so as excruciatingly slowly as possible they go through the motions of freeing it up. For example, to them, setting up a CVS server is "a huge internal logistical problem". The series of official excuses over the years makes for great entertainment. :-)

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What's New in SUSE Linux 10.1

Posted Feb 7, 2006 18:01 UTC (Tue) by alspnost (guest, #2763) [Link]

Yep, I know and like CentOS. Installed it on a customer server the other week, excellent stuff. But I just think we've got too many bleeding edge Free distros, and fewer stable, reliable ones than we used to have. Personally, I use Gentoo and I love it; on a slower PC, I would stick with Ubuntu at the moment. I might at least test SUSE 10.1, but it's no longer a priority for me.

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