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The 2002 Linux Timeline - September

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[Leonard] Version 1.0 of the GNU Bayonne telephony server is released (announcement).

Given the understanding of system vulnerabilities that existed nearly thirty years ago, today's "security enhanced" or "trusted" systems would not be considered suitable for processing even in the benign closed environment.

-- Karger and Schell, who think Multics did it better.

Kernel hacker Leonard Zubkoff is killed in a helicopter crash in Alaska (memorial site).

KOffice 1.2 ships (announcement).

UnitedLinux releases a closed beta, raising the usual questions about GPL compliance.

Where suppliers of digital information or software attempt to restrict 'fair use' rights by contract provisions associated with the distribution of digital material, the relevant contract provision may be treated as void. Where the same restriction is attempted through technological means, measures to defeat the technological means of protection in such circumstances should not be regarded as illegal.

-- Commission on Intellectual Property Rights

The "Slapper" worm hits the net; it infects systems through the OpenSSL vulnerability, for which patches had been available for some time.

XFS, User-Mode Linux, and lots of other things are merged into the 2.5 kernel.

Red Hat's "bluecurve" desktop draws criticism for its attempts to merge the GNOME and KDE desktops into a single environment. Other changes, [GRASS] such as the removal of the Taiwanese flag, also prove upsetting.

Version 5.0.0 of the GRASS GIS system is released (announcement).

Sun donates an elliptic curve cryptography implementation to OpenSSL under a somewhat problematic license (at least for some people) (announcement).

LindowsOS 2.0 is released (announcement).

Turbolinux sells its Linux software business to Software Research Associates (announcement).

The Native POSIX Thread Library is released, giving Linux top-quality threading support at last (announcement).

[Lulu] The First Lulu Tech Circus is held in Raleigh, NC; Lulu is the latest project by Red Hat founder Bob Young.

Mandrake Linux 9.0 is released (announcement).

Linux is not about free software, it is about community. It's not like Novell, it isn't going to run out of money--it started off bankrupt, in a way.

-- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

The Phoenix project hits the web; Phoenix is a new lightweight browser based on Mozilla.

Tcl/Tk 8.4.0 is released (announcement).

Regal deploys Linux point of sale systems in hundreds of theaters (IBM announcement).

Fritz's Hit List demonstrates the ridiculous breadth of the CBDTPA; this list, maintained by Edward Felten, includes Billy the Big Mouth Bass, the TinkleToonz Musical Potty (which maybe should be outlawed), audio greeting cards, and more.

Jon 'maddog' Hall takes a job at SGI (announcement).

PostNuke leader John Cox and 30+ developers depart to form the Xaraya project (announcement).

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