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The 2002 Linux Timeline - February

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GNOME 4 should be based on .NET suggests founder Miguel de Icaza. Not everybody likes the idea.

There is a point in your life when you realize that you have written enough destructors, and have spent enough time tracking down a memory leak, and you have spend enough time tracking down memory corruption, and you have spent enough time using low-level insecure functions, and you have implemented way too many linked lists.

-- Miguel de Icaza looks for a better environment.

Linus Torvalds starts experimenting with BitKeeper as a way of managing kernel changes. By most (but not all) accounts, the experiment is a success.

PostgreSQL 7.2 is released (announcement).

Edward Felten drops his case against the RIAA after being convinced that the DMCA cannot be used to shut down his research (announcement).

Cray starts selling Linux clusters in cooperation with Dell (announcement).

E*Trade switches to Linux for its web site operations.

Oracle switches to Linux for the bulk of its financial applications.

[Scooter the penguin] Sun announces a line of low-end, Linux-based systems, along with "a full implementation of the Linux operating system." (Press release here).

The premptible kernel patch and Advance Linux Sound Architecture are merged into the 2.5 kernel.

One hot tip: if you spot a bug which is being ignored, send a completely botched fix to the mailing list. This causes thousands of kernel developers to rally to the cause. Nobody knows why this happens.

-- Andrew Morton

The Anti-Defamation League claims that open source licenses aid racism in video games (report).

Corel shuts down its open source site; most of the world fails to notice.

Guido van Rossum wins the FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software (announcement).

Sun cuts off free (of charge) access to StarOffice, but OpenOffice remains free.

Simply put, in order to transport movies as agreed to by the consumer on a rent, buy or pay-per-view basis with heightened security, computers and video devices must be prepared to react to instructions embedded in the film.

-- Jack Valenti wants to program your computer.

NuSphere and MySQL AB go to court over the use of the MySQL trademark and potential GPL violations.

The European Commission publishes a release on software patents that was written by the Business Software Alliance (EuroLinux release).

SuSE receives a EUR 4.4 million investment from AdAstra Erste Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH (announcement).

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