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What's New in Fedora Core 5 Test2

What's New in Fedora Core 5 Test2

Posted Jan 19, 2006 21:39 UTC (Thu) by error27 (subscriber, #8346)
Parent article: What's New in Fedora Core 5 Test2

I haven't installed FC5 yet, but Anaconda in FC4 is seriously show its age.

The error handling for automated loads is poor. The driver disk support painful and poorly documented. The tools to create software RAID are difficult to use. When you create a software RAID 1 /boot partition, the boot loader is not set up on both harddrives.

For me one of the big issues with anaconda is that developing it is difficult. It uses the very recent and obscure libraries.

It needs to be generalized and simplified. For example, you should be able to use Anaconda to create live cds. There is work being done here, but I'm not sure the status.

The process to create respins is really complicated. You have to type commands like:

buildinstall --comp Test --pkgorder $BASE/pkgorder.txt \
--version 4 --product "Fedora 4 Respin 2" --release "4" \
--prodpath Fedora $BASE/fedora-custom

Sometimes you have to type the same command twice with different options in a specific order. Afterwards you can't really be sure you have done everything correctly.

I haven't tried FC5, but I bet that I'll like the UI changes... FC5 moved to yum so hopefully that makes creating respins a bit easier. Also the kickstart parsing was completely rewritten so hopefully error handling is improved. It's a pain to relearn commands and to rewrite all your scripts to deal with changes, but it's worth it in the long run.

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