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Containers and PID virtualization

Containers and PID virtualization

Posted Jan 19, 2006 14:05 UTC (Thu) by smoogen (subscriber, #97)
In reply to: Containers and PID virtualization by hingo
Parent article: Containers and PID virtualization

The future part of this that would seem to be useful would be the cluster aspects.

Machine A detects a system fault and is going to shutdown

A tells the cluster manager(s) it has these containers that need to be moved.

The cluster manager finds another machine (machine C and D) and tells Machine A

Machine A and C/Cdo the needed process handover and containers start running on C/D.

Machine A shutsdown.

[Of course this may be possible with Xen, but it would seem to be a heavier solution with the fact that C/D would then need to instantiate and start a new sub-kernel process and every other sub-process (nfs, etc) that was in the old Xen.]

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