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Any performance data?

Any performance data?

Posted Jan 7, 2006 14:40 UTC (Sat) by jospoortvliet (subscriber, #33164)
In reply to: Any performance data? by sepreece
Parent article: Drawing the line on inline

point is, it is very hard to measure. it can make a difference, but no
reliable real-world benchmarks exist, afaik. its very much a matter of
opinion, after all...

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Any performance data?

Posted Jan 10, 2006 17:23 UTC (Tue) by sepreece (guest, #19270) [Link]

Benchmarking is hard and people use it to lie a lot. On the other hand, though, the reason people do inlining, usually, is to improve performance, so you'd think that somebody pushing reduced inlining would have done some kind of performance study to see if the changes hurt performance unacceptably.

In other words, I'm not concerned about whether the experiments are scalable or universally applicable, but it would be interesting to know whether it had had any observable effect on whatever ingo chose to observe.

I'd be especially interested in things like interrupt latency, which I would expect Ingo to be well-prepared to measure.

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