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SMP alternatives

SMP alternatives

Posted Dec 15, 2005 15:26 UTC (Thu) by bronson (subscriber, #4806)
In reply to: SMP alternatives by NAR
Parent article: SMP alternatives

Yes, as long as you have more slices per second to give.

Once you've maxed out a single processor, your only recourse is to run the VM on more processors. AFAIK there's no good way of doing this unless the VM is partitioned (parallelized?) as well. Multiple virtual CPUs is the best way of doing this.

But the VM doesn't care! why not always run it in a quad-cpu configuration? Because that wastes cycles if it's just being run on a single CPU.

That's just a guess. It seems an overcomplex solution to me but I haven't looked at the code yet.

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SMP alternatives

Posted Dec 18, 2005 19:26 UTC (Sun) by bk (guest, #25617) [Link]

Can these processors be on different physical machines? This sounds like an implementation of SSI clustering, which is pretty cool.

SMP alternatives

Posted Dec 21, 2005 7:08 UTC (Wed) by csamuel (✭ supporter ✭, #2624) [Link]


Xen is still running on a single system and whilst you can migrate a
system between Xen servers (if you've got a shared filesystem that can
cope) it only runs on one or the other with a tiny pause for the actual

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