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2005 Linux and free software timeline: July

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Debian is increasingly just another upstream source for [Ubuntu]. Personally, I think this is a huge mistake on their part - sure, they have lots of momentum, but that's largely because Debian seemed to be faltering for a little while. But now that sarge is out there, the real momentum is behind Debian again, though Ubuntu still has momentum on the desktop side

--Ian Murdock

[Knoppix] Knoppix 4.0 is released (article).

The software patent directive is defeated in the European Parliament by a huge majority.

The Debian security update process starts working again (announcement).

The Ubuntu Foundation is launched with $10 million in funding (announcement).

The SCO v. IBM trial is pushed back; the new starting date is February 26, 2007.

The SpreadFirefox site is compromised as a result of a PHP vulnerability.

[Linus Torvalds] The 2005 Kernel Summit is held in Ottawa; the development process is tweaked in an attempt to reduce regressions (LWN reports).

At the end, we had found absolutely *nothing*. ie no evidence of any copyright infringement whatsoever.

--Michael Davidson, SCO employee

HP announces a major layoff which affects a number of free software developers.

Linus Torvalds hands git maintenance over to Junio Hamano (announcement).

Cisco threatens legal action to stop the disclosure of security problems with IOS. Researcher Michael Lynn makes his presentation anyway (article).

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