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Memory copies in hardware

Memory copies in hardware

Posted Dec 8, 2005 17:16 UTC (Thu) by galak (subscriber, #7473)
Parent article: Memory copies in hardware

While the Intel HW may not existing til 2006. A number of embedded SoC processors have had general purpose DMA engines on them for some time that these APIs may be useful for.

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Memory copies in hardware

Posted Dec 12, 2005 14:57 UTC (Mon) by alex (subscriber, #1355) [Link]

Indeed, in a previous life I had to implement a generic DMA api for the SH4 family of processors for use by things like IDE controllers. I even implemented a user space interface for controlling DMA for user-space apps.

Memory copies in hardware

Posted Dec 13, 2005 2:54 UTC (Tue) by jcm (subscriber, #18262) [Link]

ppc4xx is one example - ppc4xx_dma is in need of a reworking anyway. I've recently discovered this in implementing DMA support for MTD devices - having a generic DMA engine API would also help here.

Side note: I love it when people start talking about amazingly cool technology that Intel apparently will revolutionise the world with, when it's been done for years and years already :-)


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