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Microsoft's strategy

Microsoft's strategy

Posted Nov 25, 2005 9:49 UTC (Fri) by ayeomans (guest, #1848)
Parent article: Open document formats and the path to world domination

The OpenOpenOffice project is creating plug-ins for MS Office to convert to and from OpenDocument. This was initially attacked in some Linux blogs, until it was pointed out that the software actually helped promote OpenDocument. Simply because the installed base of MS Office is much larger than and friends, so the converters help more people who would like to move off Microsoft than those who move to Microsoft.

Now Microsoft is reversing the position. They want to give a push to those on earlier MS Office products to move onto Office 12, so increasing the number of systems that use Office 12 formats will help them. After all, right now the installed base of Office 12 is zero. Even the installed base of Office 2003 Professional (which supports an XML format, but not the same as the Office 12 XML) is dwarfed by the installed base of, which does not require an upgrade to the latest Windows version either.

I find it really amusing that a company like Microsoft needs to run an advertising campaign that basically says "our old software is a dinosaur". Most companies have enough problems beating the competition, not themselves!

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