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On another issue

On another issue

Posted Nov 25, 2005 3:49 UTC (Fri) by gdt (subscriber, #6284)
In reply to: On another issue by iabervon
Parent article: Open document formats and the path to world domination

As an interesting data point the office temps we've used recently preferred to bring along their own laptops rather than face the challenges of the corporate desktop.

If the falling price of laptops makes that catch on elsewhere then it makes the file format, rather than the software used to create the file, the point of agreement between the employer and temp.

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Posted Nov 25, 2005 13:31 UTC (Fri) by Baylink (guest, #755) [Link]

Cause I want random induhviduals not under my direct administrative control putting random computers on *my* internal network.

And there's *still* a gamble there, even if we posit a temp who's running OOo, since I don't *think* it quite knows Office 2k3 format yet.

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