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Dynamic USB device IDs

Dynamic USB device IDs

Posted Nov 24, 2005 13:45 UTC (Thu) by hadess (guest, #24252)
In reply to: Dynamic USB device IDs by jcm
Parent article: Dynamic USB device IDs

No. The point is to make the driver work "right now". It's something that you can already do with XFree96/ (using the DeviceID option IIRC), and with some kernel drivers (mainly storage ones).
Having the driver work straight away means that you can test it without recompiling a kernel. Then you should drop a mail for the ID to be added properly. It's just a work-around.

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Dynamic USB device IDs

Posted Nov 24, 2005 14:09 UTC (Thu) by jcm (subscriber, #18262) [Link]

I understand. My point is that there's nothing to stop DKMS or some other project from using this new API to facilitate getting devices to work either.

Sure, we all recompile our kernels every 10 minutes, but in the real world where there are a million people stuck on some $version of a distro, it'd be real nice if we could have it work with newer devices with such a simple hack rather than have them jump through too many hoops.

The average user isn't going to drop a new device id table entry to lkml :-)


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