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The newest development model and 2.6.14

The newest development model and 2.6.14

Posted Nov 14, 2005 18:42 UTC (Mon) by mmarq (guest, #2332)
In reply to: The newest development model and 2.6.14 by malor
Parent article: The newest development model and 2.6.14

"" The community exists based on that fundamental social contract, "we're giving you really excellent code that won't fall over, go have fun", and they have changed to "we're giving you rather untested code because we're tired of all that boring bugfixing". ""

But kernel developers dont have to be bored trying to catch all the bugs. There always has been a large portion of advanced users who have lived on cutting edge software, who like to experiment new stuff, who knows the risks.

So i belive they will be more than trilled to help, even if they dont have enough expertize, if a good and effective bug tracking and report mechanism were in place. I always had a debbuger running on my systems, and i usually submit bug reports on the correspondent facilities for gnome, kde and firefox, though i dont exactly understand most of times what really is going on. So why not for the kernel ?

This process could be refined to the point of every single user can submit reports, from every part of their systems, requiring very little knowledge of the process and *no_knowledge* at all of programming.

A descentralized but with a single point of entry gateway is what is needed. This gateway can have automatic selection created with a handfull of rules, distributing almost all reports to the correspondent registered maintainer party, and rarely prompting for manual attention. Than there are created the conditions for a hierarchical order for dealing with bugs.

Sure there can be confusion (i dont like calling it war) about the precise bug tracking mechanism. Will it be bugzilla ? cant a standard be created allowing interoperable mechanisms so that what is for a particular server goes for the maintenace party of that server, what is for kernel goes for kernel, what is for kde, gnome or firefox, goes to kde, gnome and mozilla ?.

I belive this is quite feasible without having patsys of developers wanting to kick in the head the proponents of it, for sugesting burying them under tons of meaningless reports.

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