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It's the Freedom stupid!

It's the Freedom stupid!

Posted Nov 10, 2005 12:20 UTC (Thu) by gallir (guest, #5735)
Parent article: On binary drivers and stable interfaces

OK, nice explaination of why FOSS drivers are desired and better than
close one. Good legal argument, the kernel is GPL and binary drivers
could violate the license. It's all nice.

But there is something missing in the article and also obviously ignored
or misunderstood by some comments' authors.

Why the kernel ios free? why it is GPLed? There are two explicit reasons
among the community of kernel developers:

1. Those that think, like Linus Torvalds, that FOSS is the way to get
better OS and software in general. They thinks that developing free
software in a community is fun.

2. Those that think, like Alan Cox, that proprietary software lead to a
moral dilemmas and that the free software is THE way to avoid those
dilemmas and the exclusionary relationships established around
proprietary software. They tend to think that developing free software in
general and a OS kernel in particular is also fun.

Why should kernel developers spend efforts to establish an API that limit
thenselves just for making easy the coexistence of Linux and propietary
drivers if the latter are a clearly againsts the [two] reasons of the
very existence of Linux?

Perhaps it's better explained by

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