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Posted Nov 4, 2005 23:47 UTC (Fri) by Nir (guest, #27440)
Parent article: Fragmentation avoidance

If I boot my linux using only part of the memory ( boot mem=400M out of 512M). Would I be able to address addresses above 400 MB through the CPU ? meaning: Any one ?

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Posted Nov 18, 2005 21:20 UTC (Fri) by tyhik (guest, #14747) [Link]

Heh, not sure you happen to read it any more ...
Yes, you can access that "upper" memory. I have used it on one of my embedded systems. I'm keeping framebuffer in the upper MB of the memory and inform kernel through the mem= option like it didn't have that upper MB. This avoids messing up framebuffer during kernel boot, where the boot loader has already nicely set up a boot logo. Yes, I had to tweak the framebuffer driver to support accessing that memory.

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