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Bugs cleaned out?

Bugs cleaned out?

Posted Oct 13, 2005 8:03 UTC (Thu) by ncm (subscriber, #165)
Parent article: Introducing gfp_t

If these values are used that much, and if this change helps much, then there must be a few bugs that the tightening up brought to light. How many and where?

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g_fpt: Bugs cleaned out?

Posted Oct 13, 2005 17:27 UTC (Thu) by Duncan (guest, #6647) [Link]

The values are used a lot, sure, but the patch wasn't introduced due to
known current errors, of which there (apparently) aren't any known
currently, but to prevent future errors of a type they've seen too many of
in the past.

... By my reading as a non-coder, simply reading Jon's description,


Bugs cleaned out?

Posted Oct 14, 2005 9:05 UTC (Fri) by viro (subscriber, #7872) [Link]

One in the last sweep (relayfs), quite a few back when I've done that
patchset originally (back in June, IIRC). Fixes got merged, while
annotations themselves sat around and suffered from bitrot for a
while, so I ended up redoing annotations from scratch...

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