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On the value of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL

On the value of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL

Posted Oct 8, 2005 12:40 UTC (Sat) by dwmw2 (subscriber, #2063)
In reply to: On the value of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL by jschrod
Parent article: On the value of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL

Ah, you mean you never reacted on nchip who wrote ``So it boils back to the "is the binary-only module derived from Linux" argument.''
Fenrus did respond to this. He made the analogy about glue -- highlighting the difference between two items which are each useful in their own right but which happen to be shipped together coincidentally, and two items which are fundamentally interdependent such that each cannot function without the other.

That's basically the difference between a collective work and 'mere aggregation on a volume of a distribution medium', which nchip seemed to have missed. It seems as if nchip was taking 'mere aggregation' to include any kind of combined work, even when the parts are fundamentally interdependent.

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