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On the value of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL

On the value of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL

Posted Oct 6, 2005 21:45 UTC (Thu) by fenrus (guest, #31654)
In reply to: On the value of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL by nchip
Parent article: On the value of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL

> In addition, mere aggregation of [module] not based on the [kernel]
> with the [kernel] (or with a work based on the [kernel]) on a volume of
> a storage or distribution medium does not bring the other work under
> the scope of this License

except that you can't argue that a binary (compiled) module is NOT based on the kernel! it is really tied to it in all sorts of way (it contains code fromt he kernel, it was compiled using files from the kernel, it will only work for one specific compiled version of the kernel etc etc).
Or in other words, it's not mere aggregation!

Think of it like this:
You can buy 2-component glue that has 2 tubes, and to make it stick you combine both during use, or you can buy a pack of 2 superglue tubes that each is useful on its own. The later is "mere aggregation" of two separately useful bits, the former is not. THe kernel+module case is the former, 2 apps on a distro cd is the later.

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