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The Authors' Guild and Google Print

The Authors' Guild and Google Print

Posted Sep 29, 2005 16:07 UTC (Thu) by martinfick (subscriber, #4455)
In reply to: The Authors' Guild and Google Print by vmole
Parent article: The Authors' Guild and Google Print

So it's okay to hurt a bunch of people, so long as more people benefit?

No, it's not OK, thus the fallacy behind democracy. Among others, Rothbard makes this point very well here:

On the other hand, who is hurting whom? Considering that copyright itself is an unnatural (watch how a child reacts when your first explain this strange concept to them) imposition on the masses for their supposed benefit, copyright holders or authors can easily be seen as the ones hurting the freedoms of the rest of society for their benefit. I will assume you have read RMSs writings on this, if not simply peruse the FSF site.

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