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Show me the code!

Show me the code!

Posted Sep 25, 2005 22:47 UTC (Sun) by dkite (guest, #4577)
In reply to: Show me the code! by frazier
Parent article: UserLinux: Autopsy

Great ideas. It didn't work.

UserLinux made a so basic mistake, a fundamental misunderstanding of FOSS
that surprised me considering the reputation and background of it's

Free software is only about users when the users can provide a

UserLinux started off by alienating at least 1/2 of the developer base of
free software. UserLinux depended on contribution. Very bad start.

UserLinux attempted to define the free software user experience by
excluding worthy projects and their developers. Bad idea.

It was very predictable. Anyone who used or contributed or thought highly
of any of the excluded packages were uninterested. Not only uninterested,
but actively excluded by comments similar to yours. So the project died.

Ubuntu could afford to pick favorites because they hired the help, and
didn't depend on contributions.

I for one, who contributes substantially to FOSS, was insulted by the
whole presentation and philosophy behind UserLinux. It wasn't for me, and
actively questioned the morality of my contributions. So I, along with
many others, didn't contribute.


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