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Linux sets the standard.

Linux sets the standard.

Posted Sep 24, 2005 3:20 UTC (Sat) by cventers (subscriber, #31465)
In reply to: Linux sets the standard. by amikins
Parent article: Reiser4 and kernel inclusion

Believe me, I understand open source well. I also trust in LKML. The main
point of my comment was an objection to the idea that Linux isn't here to
innovate. Being 'correct as possible' is certainly very important, and I
believe that the UNIX model has obviously proven itself with its
longevity. I do think some of the Reiser4 ideas (like
files-as-directories) do vary from this model in potentially damaging

I'm not sure anyone can say for certain *what* Linux is here to do -
remember, in 1992, it was nothing more than a college student's pet
project. But now look at it - it's actively developed on by people and
companies around the world, achieves O(1) scalability in numerous
categories (managing to blow much of its competition out of the water in
many areas), boasts good stability, and runs on everything from set-top
DVD players to supercomputers. Whether or not Linux is here specifically
to innovate, Linux *has* innovated in vast and amazing ways. It is a
shining example of some of the earliest UNIX ideas - portability,
simplicity, robustness.

So we, the great Linux masses, and more specifically, the brains on LKML,
have been given the opportunity to define the future of computing.
Whatever we do, let's not be afraid to innovate.

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