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Reiser4 and kernel inclusion

Reiser4 and kernel inclusion

Posted Sep 23, 2005 11:28 UTC (Fri) by job (guest, #670)
In reply to: Reiser4 and kernel inclusion by vonbrand
Parent article: Reiser4 and kernel inclusion

The file system *is* a database. It is a hierarchical database which maps keys to BLOBs, essentially, with some meta data on the side. There has been some evolution in the file system space during the last decade, but things move very slowly.

For example is it mainstream among Linux distributions to index the keys properly now which is a very database-ish thing to do (which reiserfs 3 pioneered in Linux by the way). Also the BeFS had some very interesting queries, which may be a niche market today but far from dead.

The next step would be to have a better interface for open queries that scales (perhaps inotify?) and extensible metadata with proper indexing. Reiserfs3 also has tail packing which is a very nice feature that I hope spreads to other file systems. Reiser4 is a very interesting next step, and I would be sad to see it vanish just because of implementation.

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