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Kernel release status

The current stable 2.6 release is, released on September 16.

The current 2.6 prepatch is 2.6.14-rc2, released by Linus on September 19. "Not a whole lot o' excitement, ye scurvy dogs, but it has t' ALSA, LSM, audit and watchdog merges that be missed from -rc1, and a merge series with Andrew." Some specific additions which came in after -rc1 include a new virtual filesystem for security modules, some DCCP additions, a number of audit subsystem patches, some netfilter enhancements, and an ALSA update. See the long-format changelog for the details.

Linus's git repository currently contains a SCSI update, some netfilter patches, an InfiniBand update, and various fixes.

The current -mm tree is 2.6.14-rc1-mm1. Recent changes to -mm include per-task write throttling, a conversion of the input subsystem to sysfs (includes some driver model changes which will need reworking prior to merging), a big reiser4 update meant to address various review comments, the removal of the perfctr patches (the maintainer is moving on and recommending perfmon instead), and some page allocator tweaks.

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Pirate Talk

Posted Sep 22, 2005 3:01 UTC (Thu) by rfunk (subscriber, #4054) [Link]

As demonstrated by Linus here. Talk Like A Pirate Day seems to be gaining the status of April Fool's Day as one of those rare holidays celebrated net-wide.


Posted Sep 29, 2005 16:36 UTC (Thu) by anton (subscriber, #25547) [Link]

I have used the perfctr patch since version 1.6 in 2000 on various
IA-32, AMD64, and PPC CPUs, in particular the perfex and (more
recently) papiex tools. I feel sad that it will no longer be
maintained, especially since the supposed replacement perfmon is
apparently not quite there yet (according to the linked-to
discussion). This probably means that we will have to stick to
Linux-2.6.13 for quite some time.

Anyway, thanks to Mikael Petterson for his good work.

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