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From:  Con Kolivas <>
To:  linux kernel mailing list <>
Subject:  2.6.13-ck4
Date:  Wed, 14 Sep 2005 21:08:27 +1000
Cc:  ck list <>

These are patches designed to improve system responsiveness and interactivity. 
It is configurable to any workload but the default ck* patch is aimed at the 
desktop and ck*-server is available with more emphasis on serverspace.

Apply to 2.6.13

or server version

all patches:
Split patches available.



Setting HZ to 250 gives you the worst of both 100 and 1000 without any 
advantage from either. Furthermore there are performance issues with dvd 
burning (it seems) and unresolved issues with -ck, so this patch removes the 
option entirely to force 100 or 1000.

A bug in the background scanning patch meant that if you had no highmem 
enabled it would keep intermittently scanning indefinitely even if all memory 
is balanced, slowly trashing cached ram.

Swap prefetch code was deciding to do prefetching based on overall free 
memory. This update makes it check every memory zone to ensure they all have 
free memory before doing any prefetching.


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