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UserLinux: Autopsy

UserLinux: Autopsy

Posted Sep 16, 2005 17:39 UTC (Fri) by diehl (guest, #6413)
Parent article: UserLinux: Autopsy

I'm probably a curmugeon, but I am not dully upset by the demise of
UserLinux. I think the Linux world spends too much time creating new
distributions, and not enough time creating polished applications.
Put another way, I think the wider acceptance of Linux would be better
served by have more and better applications, as opposed to creating
yet more (nearly identical) distributions. In reality, distributions
all use the same basic software, and differ only in some
administration and software packaging tools, and perhaps application

There is no lack of choices in the distributions that already exist,
and most can be easily customized to one's individual needs. If we
would like to attract more users to Linux we need to increase the
range and quality of the application software. This is not to say
that there are not already some great applications in Linux, but we
could certainly use more.

Of course, in free software people work on whatever they want, and
can't be dictated to. Fine. However, if you like to promote free
software and make an impact then I would suggest that application
development would be much more fruitful, rather than putting together
the 725th Debian-derived distribution.

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