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Linux gets DCCP

Linux gets DCCP

Posted Sep 1, 2005 3:52 UTC (Thu) by showell (guest, #2929)
Parent article: Linux gets DCCP

This looks like a great improvement if we can use it to replace many of the TCP connections over wireless coms systems. One of the big hassles with TCP over wireless is TCPs slow start backoff mechanism. This leads to bandwidth oscillation and pretty horrible throughputs as TCP was never meant to handle the fast variations in the transmission path that radio introduces (ie lots of errors then really good all in a matter of seconds or milli seconds).CCID3 looks like the solution to this.

There has already been unsuccessful attempts to get the IETF to vary TCPs slow start, maybe this time us wireless network operators will be able to implement something that performs much better for our customers.


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Linux gets DCCP

Posted Sep 1, 2005 4:32 UTC (Thu) by gmaxwell (guest, #30048) [Link]

DCCP isn't really meant to replace TCP.
Take a look at TCP westwood, it's already in Linux and it makes a visable improvement overwireless links.

Linux gets DCCP

Posted Sep 4, 2005 22:51 UTC (Sun) by imcdnzl (subscriber, #28899) [Link]

Yes you are correct here - the ITU is working with the IETF on DCCP at present.

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