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Not yet even a proprosed IETF standard

Not yet even a proprosed IETF standard

Posted Aug 25, 2005 23:26 UTC (Thu) by JoeBuck (guest, #2330)
In reply to: Not yet even a proprosed IETF standard by nealmcb
Parent article: Guten Tag from Avahi

The IETF process requires working implementations, which means that they don't expect people to wait around until the spec is approved before implementing something. If the spec changes, I'm sure that the open source implementations will be changed to match. Sometimes proprietary vendors might decide not to change in the hope that they can lock people in, but for something like zeroconf, it only works if everyone can speak the protocol.

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Not yet even a proprosed IETF standard

Posted Aug 26, 2005 0:08 UTC (Fri) by nealmcb (subscriber, #20740) [Link]

I agree. Sorry if it sounded like I was criticizing the implementors. My only point was that the _article_ leaves the impression that there is a published standard against which to evaluate the implementation. E.g. it talks of "using the same specifications as Apple's Bonjour". In fact there is not yet a standard. The latest draft is from June, after Apple shipped Bonjour, and there will likely be more drafts to come. And note it often goes the other way around in the IETF - the drafting of the standard relies in part on implementation efforts and experiences like this one.

I just thought the reader needed to know how much all of this is still potentially in flux.

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