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For me it is a downhill....

For me it is a downhill....

Posted Aug 16, 2005 18:15 UTC (Tue) by EricBackus (guest, #2816)
In reply to: For me it is a downhill.... by nhasan
Parent article: Kernel Summit 2005: The power management summit

I have a Dell I5000e, which I believe is one generation older than the
I8000. I've had mixed results with power management, but I can't really
say it's been downhill, more sideways.

Originally, I used APM, which allowed me to suspend-to-RAM successfully
and also allowed some kind of "standby" mode. The kernel didn't support
suspend-to-disk, but the BIOS actually has a built-in suspend-to-disk that
can be used (but don't use it, it's very slow and somewhat buggy).

Over time, the ACPI code in the kernel got to where it works fairly well
with this laptop, and today that's what I use. I can suspend-to-disk with
this. However, suspend-to-RAM doesn't work at all, nor does standby, and
ACPI goes crazy (dumping messages to /var/log/messages fast enough to fill
the disk quickly) if I close the laptop lid when the laptop is powered up.
I'm running SuSE 9.3 now, so I can verify that suspend-to-disk works on
the I5000e.

In spite of Linus's comment, I'd have to say that suspend-to-disk is the
most important power management mode, so I'm actually reasonably happy

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