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About Source Mage

About Source Mage

Posted Aug 15, 2005 16:38 UTC (Mon) by komarek (guest, #7295)
In reply to: About Source Mage by Zenith
Parent article: About Source Mage

Heh, that's all you need, emerge -avuDN. =-) This thread kind of makes a point about Gentoo usability. Things you want all the time are made more difficult than they should be. Other points:

o Sometimes you need -U, so that it won't undo updates you have made.
o Sometimes packages block emerge, and you have to manually remove them (even though they will be automatically replaced)
o Emerging by path is far, far easier than editing the stuff /etc/make.profile (which is not that well documented anyway). Of course, emerging by path is *deprecated* and you get *nasty warnings* when you do it, and you have to *wait 10 seconds* before it starts, just to find out that it won't automatically suck in other masked deps.

There are a lot of good reasons to use Gentoo. But I sometimes feel as though the developers must not be using it themselves, since they (as a group) continue to make decisions that make using Gentoo unpleasant.

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