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A look at NuFW

A look at NuFW

Posted Aug 5, 2005 1:34 UTC (Fri) by flewellyn (subscriber, #5047)
Parent article: A look at NuFW

Big showstopper for me would be the need for a client. If this can't be used transparently to the
client, it's not useful in the general case.

The big question, of course, is how to make it useable without a NuFW aware client.

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A look at NuFW

Posted Aug 6, 2005 18:21 UTC (Sat) by tzafrir (subscriber, #11501) [Link]

How would you expect such a thing to work without such a client?

A look at NuFW

Posted Aug 10, 2005 20:07 UTC (Wed) by fher98 (guest, #18531) [Link]

Mmm, thats a tricky one, I guess we can use squid or radius to request user/pass instead of using the client NuFW software, imagine installing this software on a campus with +500 pc.

A look at NuFW

Posted Aug 10, 2005 20:53 UTC (Wed) by flewellyn (subscriber, #5047) [Link]

That's the problem I'm forseeing.

Actually, it's not even large intranets I'm worried about. I'm wondering at how this technology
might be useful for connections from the greater internet. The need for a client makes that less
useful, in my mind.

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