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And don't forget Mercurial

And don't forget Mercurial

Posted Jul 28, 2005 15:00 UTC (Thu) by bos (guest, #6154)
Parent article: Git approaches 1.0

Jonathan, perhaps you could do an article on Mercurial, since it's the other major distributed revision control system to have appeared since BK became unavailable to non-paying-customers.

It doesn't have the same size of galloping horde behind it that git does, but it has a devoted following in the kernel development community, and is seeing intense interest outside that sphere.

But I'm biased, because I work on it a lot :-)

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And don't forget Mercurial

Posted Jul 28, 2005 15:10 UTC (Thu) by corbet (editor, #1) [Link]

It's on my list. I went to Matt's session at OLS, and I'm meaning to play with it some, when I get a chance...

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