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Linux and the desktop

Linux and the desktop

Posted Nov 4, 2002 7:20 UTC (Mon) by mefistofeles (guest, #3022)
Parent article: Linux and the desktop

OK, I'm at it again.
First though. One field where any Linux system seems to fall miserably on its face is in font handling. Why, oh why, does KOffice, OpenOffice and AbiWord need to put fonts in three mutually exclusive places around the system? And why is it often a pain in you know what to change the default font in apps (not members of the K or G desktop systems).


I've been working in Tanzania for three months (or thereabouts) and have started preparing an IT project for the Lake Victoria programme (for sustainable development around the lake). This crazy mzungo is planning to spark an independent and free software (and possibly hardware) industry in the area by promoting and using free software. Not necessarily Linux, but anything that's free.

Free software (and systems) much be of great benefit to developing countries, and using free office suites in education (like in Twebaye Secondary School, Bukoba) would solve to issue of constantly worrying about where the money for necessary software investments comes from (you donĀ“t really need them).

This is nothing original, many has been saying this lately and even long before that. I just hope this will come to happen now, because this is a real opportunity for empowering the people. Then again, it might be the feverish imagination of a mzungo - who wants computers, software and IT in general when you can't get enough food on the table to feed you familly?
But they are great to keep track of your stock of bananas and coffee.


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