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thunderbird mozilla firefox: multiple vulnerabilities

Package(s):thunderbird firefox mozilla CVE #(s):CAN-2005-0989 CAN-2005-1159 CAN-2005-1160 CAN-2005-1532 CAN-2005-2261 CAN-2005-2265 CAN-2005-2266 CAN-2005-2269 CAN-2005-2270
Created:July 20, 2005 Updated:September 1, 2005
Description: Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, as well as the Mozilla Suite and Firefox and Mozilla based other browsers. Bugs include an anonymous function handling bug, a JavaScript validation problem, privileged UI code handling DOM nodes, a JavaScript privilege escalation, a problem with Javascript in XBL controls, improper handling of child frames, a DOM name code execution vulnerability, and a base object clone problem.
Debian DSA-779-2 mozilla-firefox 2005-09-01
Mandriva MDKSA-2005:127-1 mozilla-thunderbird 2005-08-26
Debian DSA-781-1 mozilla-thunderbird 2005-08-23
Debian DSA-779-1 mozilla-firefox 2005-08-20
SuSE SUSE-SA:2005:045 mozilla,MozillaFirefox,epiphany,galeon 2005-08-11
Ubuntu USN-157-2 enigmail 2005-08-02
Ubuntu USN-157-1 mozilla-thunderbird 2005-08-01
Mandriva MDKSA-2005:127 mozilla-thunderbird 2005-07-28
Ubuntu USN-149-3 mozilla-firefox 2005-07-28
Ubuntu USN-155-1 mozilla 2005-07-26
Gentoo 200507-24 mozilla 2005-07-26
Ubuntu USN-149-2 mozilla-firefox 2005-07-25
Mandriva MDKSA-2005:120-1 mozilla-firefox 2005-07-22
Slackware SSA:2005-203-01 mozilla 2005-07-22
Red Hat RHSA-2005:587-01 mozilla 2005-07-22
Fedora FEDORA-2005-622 yelp 2005-07-22
Fedora FEDORA-2005-621 devhelp 2005-07-22
Fedora FEDORA-2005-618 devhelp 2005-07-22
Fedora FEDORA-2005-620 epiphany 2005-07-22
Fedora FEDORA-2005-617 epiphany 2005-07-22
Fedora FEDORA-2005-619 mozilla 2005-07-22
Fedora FEDORA-2005-616 mozilla 2005-07-22
Red Hat RHSA-2005:601-01 thunderbird 2005-07-21
Red Hat RHSA-2005:586-01 firefox 2005-07-21
Ubuntu USN-149-1 mozilla-firefox 2005-07-21
Fedora FEDORA-2005-606 thunderbird 2005-07-20
Fedora FEDORA-2005-604 thunderbird 2005-07-20
Fedora FEDORA-2005-605 firefox 2005-07-20
Fedora FEDORA-2005-603 firefox 2005-07-20

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