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Posted Jul 19, 2005 6:52 UTC (Tue) by Klavs (guest, #10563)
Parent article: Kernel Summit 2005: Virtualization

Did anybody talk about the Vserver project? (it's similar to BSD'ish jails), except with several advantages IMHO.

I believe Rik Van Riel, has been involved in the project at one point.. and I sure would like it in the kernel ;)

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Posted Jul 19, 2005 13:54 UTC (Tue) by riel (subscriber, #3142) [Link]

I have been involved with vserver, but gave up after realizing a few drawbacks:

1) every kernel subsystem needs to be virtualized
2) you cannot load different kernel modules in different virtual machines
3) if you have an exploitable kernel bug, every virtual machine is compromised
4) since there is no virtual machine abstraction, installing and managing the virtual systems is very different from the way normal systems are managed

With Xen, there is a much better isolation between virtual machines, and virtual machines can be managed in a way much closer to the way normal machines are managed.

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