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Interbench v0.21

From:  Con Kolivas <>
To:  linux kernel mailing list <>
Subject:  [ANNOUNCE] Interbench v0.21
Date:  Fri, 15 Jul 2005 14:01:47 +1000
Cc:  ck list <>

Interbech is a an application is designed to benchmark interactivity in Linux.

Version 0.21 update


Changed the design to run the benchmarked and background loads as separate 
processes that spawn their own threads instead of everything running as a 
thread of the same process. This was suggested to me originally by Ingo 
Molnar who noticed significant slowdown due to conflict over ->mm->mmap_sem, 
invalidating the benchmark results when run in real time mode. This makes a 
large difference to the latencies measured under mem_load particularly when 
running real time benchmarks on a RT-PREEMPT kernel.

Accounting changes to max_latency to only measure the largest latency of a 
single scheduling frame - this makes max_latency much smaller (and probably 
more realistic). Often you may see max latency exactly one frame wide now 
(consistent with one dropped frame) such as 16.7ms on video.

Minor cleanups.


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