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Yellow Dog Linux 4.0.1 and Y-HPC

Yellow Dog Linux 4.0.1 and Y-HPC

Posted Jul 8, 2005 15:09 UTC (Fri) by dulsi (subscriber, #4935)
Parent article: Yellow Dog Linux 4.0.1 and Y-HPC

Statements like "Debian and Gentoo a superior choice for many developers and home consumers" really have me question the value of the article. I personally don't think source distributions like Gentoo are a good idea but I understand the appeal. I can't imagine recommending it for a home consumer. A day just to install the system. I believe there are binaries available but that kind of kills the point of a source distribution. Debian is better but some people are suggesting the commercial Debian-derivatives for simple install and then upgrade to the latest debian. This doesn't some user friendly to me. Granted I haven't used either one.

"While four CDs may seem like a lot, there are a lot of holes." Did you read the Knoppix DVD review in the same weekly news? It didn't come with Firefox. So does that mean it has no web browser or you just don't like the default. No Eiffel or Haskell. The horrors. I personally can't use a distribution that doesn't include var'aq (

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Yellow Dog Linux 4.0.1 and Y-HPC

Posted Jul 14, 2005 18:14 UTC (Thu) by segphault (guest, #27468) [Link]

I wouldn't reccomend Gentoo for most home consumers either, but it's an excellent choice for developers and the benefits are even more apparent on good hardware. Home consumers will probably be better off with Debian or user friendly, non-commercial Debian derivatives like Ubuntu, which provides a ton of really current packages for PPC architecture.

Arguably, var'aq is probably more widely used than Eiffel, but seriously the rest of those languages are important. A lot of businesses use Mono heavily now, and I think that it's absence is going to make it difficult for some companies to adopt YDL. Does anybody out there know of a repository where I can get Mono packages for YDL? While you may not use Haskell or Ocaml, they are both very popular in the scientific community.

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