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Spreading the Podcasting Buzz

Spreading the Podcasting Buzz

Posted Jun 30, 2005 18:47 UTC (Thu) by jebba (✭ supporter ✭, #4439)
Parent article: Catching the Podcasting Buzz

Getting Podcasts with GNU/Linux:
iPodder - GUI. works ok, a bit buggy. Weird install (/opt) and needs very recent wx stuff (that's not even in FC4 yet).
bashpodder - CL. Very simple shell script, but easily customizeable since it's just bash...
podget - CL. Shell script.
perlpodder - CL. Perl...
jpodder - GUI. Reasonable feature set, but in java, which is pain and death to me. ;)

Podcast Directories
Odeo - In public beta "invite" stage, but quite a large number of invites have been sent out. Allows you to have your personal RSS2 feed parsed for their search engine, OR upload files that they'll podcast, OR you can use a flash GUI to record via your web browser (!). The company was started by the guy that started Very clean interface--much nicer than the others out there. This one should become very big and famous in the coming months.

Publishing Podcasts
In WordPress, a Free Software blogging app written in PHP, you simply have to point a HREF to an audio file, and voila! you're podcasting.

Can I say F*ck the corporate media on lwn?


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Podcast directories & publishing

Posted Jun 30, 2005 19:53 UTC (Thu) by rfunk (subscriber, #4054) [Link]

For podcast directories, don't forget Podcast Alley.

For publishing podcasts, libsyn (Liberated Syndication) seems to be a popular choice.

Oh, and last I checked, the "iSpider" branch of iPodder was the one with the most hope of working on Linux... but I still haven't gotten iPodder working on Debian sarge.

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