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Posted Jun 30, 2005 16:55 UTC (Thu) by martinfick (subscriber, #4455)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor mangles some web pages

Sorry for being pesemistic, but how long before someone gets sued under
the DMCA for these tools? How long before publishers start baking up DRM
schemes for web pages?

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Posted Jul 1, 2005 6:34 UTC (Fri) by man_ls (guest, #15091) [Link]

Very long, hopefully. Firefox is very polite in that respect: e.g. if I block all images from, it still downloads every individual image, but then they are blanked on the image. This way the publisher never notices the filter, and cannot really complain. You could argue that click-through rates are worse, but the opposite is true: I tend to click on white areas to change focus, but I never click on banners.

Do these plugins do the same, i.e. download all page elements and just not display some of them? This way we all win at the cost of a little extra bandwidth.

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