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PCI Error Recovery Overview

From:  Linas Vepstas <>
To:, Benjamin Herrenschmidt <>, long <>
Subject:  [PATCH 0/13] PCI Error Recovery Overview
Date:  Tue, 28 Jun 2005 18:54:01 -0500
Cc:  Hidetoshi Seto <>, Greg KH <>,, Paul Mackerras <>, linuxppc64-dev <>,,
Archive-link:  Article, Thread


The next 13 patches implement PCI error recovery along the 
lines of earlier discussions.  Its broken out into little 
pieces for easy digestability.

These should apply cleanly against kernel-2.6.12-git10

Details of what this is, and how it works, are in a
documentation file, part way down the patch.

These patches implement "native" error recovery for five devices:
-- the e100, e1000 and ixgb network cards
-- the ipr and sym53c8xx_2 scsi device drivers

[PATCH 1/13]: PCI Err: pci.h header file changes
[PATCH 2/13]: PCI Err: Overview Documentation
[PATCH 3/13]: PCI Err: IPR scsi device driver recovery
[PATCH 4/13]: PCI Err: e100 ethernet driver recovery
[PATCH 5/13]: PCI Err: e1000 ethernet driver recovery
[PATCH 6/13]: PCI Err: ixgb ethernet driver recovery
[PATCH 7/13]: PCI Err: Symbios SCSI  driver recovery
[PATCH 8/13]: PCI Err: Event delivery utility
[PATCH 9/13]: PCI Err: Whitespace janitoring
[PATCH 10/13]: PCI Err: PPC64-specific recovery infrastructure
[PATCH 11/13]: PCI Err: RPA-PHP janitoring
[PATCH 12/13]: PCI Err: RPA-PHP clarification
[PATCH 13/13]: PCI Err: RPA-PHP-specific error recovery driver


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