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RSS the NNTP of the web logs?

RSS the NNTP of the web logs?

Posted Jun 2, 2005 13:55 UTC (Thu) by pspinler (subscriber, #2922)
Parent article: A survey of RSS aggregators

Am I the only person in the world to mourn the passing of NNTP? It always seemed to me that article and comment sites like slashdot or kuro5hin would fit the nntp model very well.

Instead, we have (in comparison) resource heavy websites, that, surprise, created a relatively resource light update protocol (RSS/RDF/...) in order to just get access to the information they carry.

RSS, a poor web's substitute for NNTP, IMHO.

-- Pat

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RSS the NNTP of the web logs?

Posted Jun 2, 2005 14:48 UTC (Thu) by Duncan (guest, #6647) [Link]

Who says NNTP has passed? I still use it far more than I do mail, in
fact, using's list2news gateway to view all the mailing lists I
participate in as newsgroups. However, like you, I've found web forums
poor substitutes for news, probably one of the reasons LWN is the only
site with threaded comments I regularly participate in (altho I
regularly /read-only-view/ K5, /., Newsforge, and certain non-comment
sites, following them thru feeds).

As for newsfeed aggregating, I've been using KDE's knewsticker kicker
panel applet since at least KDE 3 (don't recall whether I used it or
whether it was in KDE 2 or not). I have it scrolling across the bottom of
my screen nearly constantly, with that panel set to NOT always-on-top but
to pop-up when I mouse the bottom-right corner of the screen (thus also
popping up the kmenu button, stored in that corner of the panel, tho I
seldom actually use it, preferring khotkeys launching for my regularly
used apps, the run dialog for others, and only use the menu for stuff so
seldom used I don't remember the name, and certainly haven't defined a
hotkey for it).

I have akregator merged (just finished merging the new KDE 3.4.1 version
of it in fact, a few hours ago) as something that looks like I should try
it out, but I haven't actually done so, yet. I've never run any other
aggregator app either, save for the proprietaryware backweb (in its
newsticker format), which introduced me to the concept, several years ago
b4 I switched off of MSWormOS and unfreedomware, so this article was
nicely timed. The screenshots were actually quite useful, as I've never
actually used something like this other than in newsticker format, and I
was pleasantly surprised to see the very familiar news and mail
three-paned format, including nested "folders" to the left. With that,
the article has stimulated my interest from a back-burner prioritied
something I should look at "someday" (but interest enough to have merged
it), to something I'll probably look at tonight, since it's my weekend (as
mentioned, I upgraded to KDE 3.4.1 last nite, and will soon be going to
sleep for the day, after finishing this latest LWN-WE and checking my
newsgroups again).


RSS the NNTP of the web logs?

Posted Jun 2, 2005 17:17 UTC (Thu) by bjn (guest, #2179) [Link]

Ah! You would like nntp//rss then. :-)

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