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Did you switch from Bloglines?

Did you switch from Bloglines?

Posted Jun 2, 2005 7:04 UTC (Thu) by dankohn (subscriber, #6006)
Parent article: A survey of RSS aggregators

The essential point missing from your summary is whether any of the desktop readers convinced you to to switch away from Bloglines. I find Bloglines has one of the best UIs (though it could be better), but the real benefit is staying in sync between my home and work computers, and having excellent (synced) mobile access by connecting to from my Treo 650. I spend as much time in Bloglines as I do in my MUA and browser. Now, if I could only pare back my subscriptions a bit so I could get more real work done....

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Did you switch from Bloglines?

Posted Jun 2, 2005 7:22 UTC (Thu) by lacostej (guest, #2760) [Link]

What I miss with bloglins is the ability to bookmark the interesting blogs, annotate them, etc.
I would use bookmarks, but then I would need a central storage for my firefox profile. I'd pay for that.

Did you switch from Bloglines?

Posted Jun 2, 2005 19:50 UTC (Thu) by thoffman (subscriber, #3063) [Link]

If you want central storage for your Firefox profile, you may get "close enough" with the synchronize bookmarks extension. All you need is a site you can FTP files to and from. Any free web hosting service should do the trick, or if you have a friend with a webserver that would do it as well.

I use this to keep my bookmarks synchronized between my home, work, and laptop computers. It's very useful.

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