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Introducing the XMMS2 Media Player

Introducing the XMMS2 Media Player

Posted May 27, 2005 16:17 UTC (Fri) by Felix.Braun (subscriber, #3032)
In reply to: Introducing the XMMS2 Media Player by hensema
Parent article: Introducing the XMMS2 Media Player

This is not true. Unlike XMMS2 amaroK is not platform agnostic. On the contrary, at the first glance it seems to be very tightly integrated into the KDE environment (integration into K3B and DCOP access are some of the key features mentioned on amaroK's web site). I really like the separation between music server and GUI frontend in XMMS2's design.

I have to admit that my quick glance over amaroK's features may not have discovered all it's advantages. And I'm certain that it is a very capable piece of software. But considering the combined footprint of QT and KDElibs using amaroK is not at option for me at the moment.

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Introducing the XMMS2 Media Player

Posted May 28, 2005 1:02 UTC (Sat) by tru (guest, #30161) [Link]

That's right. Core XMMS2 depends on GLib and SQLite, but then you probably want to play some music, so add vorbis and mad libs to it. That's all you need. We have really made an effort to keep the dependencys down. XMMS2 should be as big component in a headless installation as on the desktop.

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