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Posted May 21, 2005 20:17 UTC (Sat) by dmag (guest, #17775)
In reply to: Execute-in-place by karim
Parent article: Execute-in-place

There is also a latency issue. XIP will boot faster. It will also run faster in the case where you have more flash than RAM.

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Posted Sep 1, 2005 14:46 UTC (Thu) by jg (subscriber, #17537) [Link]

I see assertions, with no data, I think often by people with no experience in the area.

Certainly on the iPAQ we've lived fine without XIP, and flash is more precious that RAM. And the paging system does very well at throwing away unused pages of text that have been pulled into RAM.

So I think we need data here, rather than proof by loud assertion...
- Jim

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